Sunday, April 25, 2010


According to many theories, the knowledge of any object consists in an ability to define the object. Hence, all such knowledge presupposes knowledge of Definition, i. e. an ability to define 'definition'. So, Definition is the basis of Knowledge in those Systems. But, Definition serves more than a merely cognitive function. Not only is it the precondition of all Knowledge, but the definition of 'definition' sets a standard for all definitions, and, hence, presents a criterion for distinguishing between good and bad definitions. In other words, Definition is normative, as well as cognitive, a characteristic which is perhaps best expressed by the property 'definitiveness'. So, if there is any self-predication that is appropriate to Definition, it might be that 'Definition is definitive', and, furthermore, all definitions are definitive, i. e. normative, for particular objects of knowledge. Thus, as a basis of all Knowledge, as normative, and as self-predicating, Definition would seem to qualify as a Platonic 'Idea', entailing that it is an 'Ideal' as well.

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